HIT - Bolt Cutter Floor Stand Merchandisers

HBCM07 - High Tensile Red Jaw Bolt Cutter Floor Stand - 10 Pc

  • Holds up to 22 HIT bolt cutters taking up very minimal floor space while creating an attractive instore display
  • High quality metal, powdercoated stand
  • Option to securely mount a price tag
  • Dimensions: 460mm (w) x 1410mm (h) x 460mm (d)


NamePart NoQty
High Tensile Bolt Cutters 350mmHITNBC0350H1
High Tensile Bolt Cutters 450mmHITNBC0450H1
High Tensile Bolt Cutters 600mmHITNBC0600H2
High Tensile Bolt Cutters 750mmHITNBC0750H2
High Tensile Bolt Cutters 900mmHITNBC0900H2
High Tensile Bolt Cutters 1050mmHITNBC1050H2