Rennsteig - Chisel & Punch Sets with Handguards

426017 - Metalworking Punch Set - 17 Piece

  • Metalworking punch set with 15 interchangeable tips
  • Flexible use through different tools in one set
  • Brass inserts suitable for working on sensitive surfaces
  • Two-component soft handguard protect from miss hits, hand slippage and reduces hand fatigue from excess vibrations
  • Supplied durable plastic storage case with EVA foam inlay
  • Made in Germany


NameLengthPunch SizeQty
Two Component Handle Adapter90mm-1
Taper Punch Insert50mm3mm1
Taper Punch Insert60mm4mm1
Taper Punch Insert70mm5mm1
Taper Punch Insert70mm6mm1
Taper Punch Insert75mm8mm1
Parallel Pin Punch Insert50mm3mm1
Parallel Pin Punch Insert60mm4mm1
Parallel Pin Punch Insert70mm5mm1
Parallel Pin Punch Insert70mm6mm1
Parallel Pin Punch Insert75mm8mm1
Centre Punch Insert50mm4mm1
Soft Brass Parallell Punch Insert30mm4mm1
Soft Brass Parallell Punch Insert30mm5mm1
Soft Brass Parallell Punch Insert30mm6mm1
Soft Brass Parallell Punch Insert30mm8mm1
Open End Spanner 8 & 10mm--1