Toledo - Engine

Drivebelt & Timing Belt Tools

  • Toledo have a comprehensive range of specialist tools to aid in the service and repair of drivebelts and timing belts
Part No.Name
304201Camshaft Holding Tool Kit 22 Pc
304202Belt Tensioner Compression Tool - Hyundai/KIA Hybrid
304200Timing Gear Holder - Universal
304037Camshaft Holding & Locking Tool
304195Camshaft Holding Tool
304785Toledo Flywheel Locking Tool - BMW
304787Toledo Flywheel Locking Tool - Hyundai/KIA
301337Powerbar Hand Impact Wrench - 1/2" Sq. Dr.
304775Toledo Timing Tool Kit - Universal Stretch Belt Tool
304776Toledo Timing Tool Kit - Universal Stretch Belt Tool
301111Belt Installation & Removal Tool
304015Belt Service Set Serpentine Belts
304047Drive Pulley Spanner Set
301110Fan Belt Tensioner
311015Pulley Puller Ribbed Drive Belt
308006Pulley & Fan Clutch Holder Kit
308008Spanner Set Fan Clutch - 10 Pc
304013Pulley Remover Water Pump (VAG Group)
308004Water Pump Holding Tool Holden 2.2L

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