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Fork Wrenches

  • Wrenches specifically designed for compression fork cap and steering stem adjustment or removal
  • Flat shape head is ideal for hard-to-reach fork caps and steering stem nuts where access may be obstructed by handle bars etc.
  • Single size wrenches allow for use of 3/8” torque wrench or ratchet
Part No.NameStyleSize
BS4000Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point17, 24mm
BS4002Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point17, 27mm
BS4006Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point19, 24mm
BS4003Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point19, 27mm
BS4004Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point22, 27mm
BS4005Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point22, 32mm
BS4001Steering Stem & Front Fork Cap Wrench12 Point30, 32mm
BS3101Steering Stem & Front Fork Cap Wrench8 Point46, 50mm
BS3102Steering Stem & Front Fork Cap Wrench8 Point49, 50mm
BS4012Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point35mm
BS4013Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point36mm
BS4014Fork Adjusting Wrench6 Point39mm

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