Knipex - Combination and Multifunctional Pliers

Needle Nose Combination Pliers

  • Small High Leverage Combination Pliers with pointed jaw
  • For all common installation and repair work
  • Handy use when working in confined areas thanks to slim head design and pointed jaws (anti-twist)
  • Gripping surfaces with special convex contour on one side for secure gripping of flat parts
  • Milled groove in the gripping area permits small parts such as nails, pins and bolts to be held and pulled
  • The reliable and diverse combination pliers when out and about
  • Easy cutting thanks to the high leverage joint
  • With cutting edges for soft, medium-hard and hard wire
  • Long service life and stable tips as the tool is forged from special high grade tool steel, manifold oil-hardened
Part No.LengthStyle
Ø mm

Ø mm

Ø mm/mm²
08 21 145145mmNeedle Nose Combination Plier3.0mm2.0mmØ8.0mm / 16mm²
08 22 145145mmNeedle Nose Combination Plier3.0mm2.0mmØ8.0mm / 16mm²
08 22 145 T145mmNeedle Nose Combination Plier - Tethered3.0mm2.0mmØ8.0mm / 16mm²
08 25 145145mmNeedle Nose Combination Plier3.0mm2.0mmØ8.0mm / 16mm²
08 26 145145mmNeedle Nose Combination Plier - 1000V VDE3.0mm2.0mmØ8.0mm / 16mm²
08 26 145 T145mmNeedle Nose Combination Plier - Tethered 1000V VDE3.0mm2.0mmØ8.0mm / 16mm²