Knipex - Insulated Tools


Screwdrivers for Hexagon Screws

  • Ergonomically optimised dual component handle for fatigue reduced work and optimum transmission of force
  • Handle design prevents rolling
  • Chrome vanadium molybdenum steel
Part No.NameLengthSize
98 13 20Screwdriver for hexagon socket screws175mm2.0mm Hex
98 13 25Screwdriver for hexagon socket screws177mm2.5mm Hex
98 13 30Screwdriver for hexagon socket screws182mm3.0mm Hex
98 13 40Screwdriver for hexagon socket screws182mm4.0mm Hex
98 13 50Screwdriver for hexagon socket screws187mm5.0mm Hex
98 13 60Screwdriver for hexagon socket screws212mm6.0mm Hex