Knipex - Tethered Tools


Cable & Wire Rope Shears

  • Effective protection against accidents caused by
  • Falling tools the safetylug for the range with multi-component handles
  • Tools can be secured to prevent falling down during use with cherry pickers, scaffolding and ladders and also by industrial climbers with wire ropes, high altitude rescue workers and the like using a tether
  • Safe work: very stable mounting lug for the line welded securely to the inside of the handle
  • Max load resistance 400 N
  • Flat mounting lug does not get in the way during normal work on the ground
  • Equipment is quickly secured and put down
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Part No.LengthStyle
Ø mm

Ø mm
Wire Rope
Ø mm/mm²
95 12 165 T165mmCable Shears - Tethered   Ø15mm / 50mm²
95 62 190 T190mmWire Rope Cutters, Forged - Tethered4mm2.5mm6mmØ7mm