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Insulation Strippers

  • A high quality conductive connection requires the proper removal of the cable sheath and careful stripping of the various conductors. The cable sheath can be removed quickly and cleanly using a suitable stripping tool.
  • Rennsteig have two basic types of insulation strippers: Stripping Pliers with Profile Blades and Self-adjusting Insulation Strippers
Part No.NameLengthHandlesStripping Capacities
707 020Automatic Self Adjusting Insulation Stripper195mmGlass Fiber Reinforced Plastic0.03 - 10mm²
8007 5001 3Micro Stripping Tool135mmMulti-Component Grip0.005 - 0.14mm²
708 203 3Precision Insulation Strippers - PTFE Cable200mmMulti-Component Grip2.5 - 10 mm²
708 205 3Precision Insulation Strippers - Standard Multi-wire Cable200mmMulti-Component Grip0.14 - 6mm²
708 233 3Precision Insulation Strippers - PVC Cable200mmMulti-Component Grip6, 10 & 16mm²