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Optic Fibre Tools & Equipment

  • Multimedia is an indispensable part of modern life. To cope with the huge amounts of data this involves data transmission systems that use polymer or glass fibre optic cables to transmit digital signals in the form of light
  • Polymer fibre optic (POF) cable is used for short-distance applications requiring high strength, such as in automobiles and local networks, while glass fibre is used for high transmission quality across long distances, for example in telecommunications networks
  • Rennsteig offer a wide selection of specialised fibre optic cutting, stripping and crimping tools that are available individually or in professional time saving installation kits
Part No.NameLengthHandles
95 03 160RKevlar Shears160mmPlastic Coated
8007 5000 3Fibre Optic Microstripper135mm 
8711 1000 61Polymer Fibre Optic Tool Set