Rennsteig - Chisels


Electrician's Chisels, Octagonal

  • Tapers to a very sharp edge for cutting recesses out of architraves, skirting etc. or for sockets and dimmer switches
  • Makes a small groove with a neat edge
  • Rennsteig Chisels are made of hardened chrome vanadium steel
  • Forged, quenched and tempered as a whole to guarantee a good resiliency and long service life Work worn cutting edges are regrindable in short intervals, Ensure water cooling during regrinding process
  • Chisel blades are lacquered to protect against corrosion
  • Shanks dip coated in gold lacquer
  • Made in Germany
Part No.NameLength
360202Electrician's Chisel200mm
361202Electrician's Chisel200mm
361252Electrician's Chisel250mm
361302Electrician's Chisel300mm
362252Electrician's Chisel250mm