Toledo - Torque Products

Torque Extension Bars

  • Colour coded extension bars designed with pre tensioned torque rating, for quick reference to size
  • 1/2” male square drive enables attachment of any size impact socket for complete versatility
  • 1/2” female square drive for use with impact wrench
  • Overall length per bar: 195mm
  • Available in a 10 piece set or individually
Part No.Name
309500Torque Extension Bar Set
309501Torque Bar - 90Nm (Green)
309502Torque Bar - 100Nm (Black)
309503Torque Bar - 110Nm (Yellow)
309504Torque Bar - 120Nm (Red)
309505Torque Bar - 135Nm (Dark Blue)
309506Torque Bar - 150Nm (Orange)
309507Torque Bar - 160Nm (Grey)
309508Torque Bar - 175Nm (Brown)
309509Torque Bar - 190Nm (White)
309510Torque Bar - 200Nm (Pale Blue)