Toledo - Cooling System Filling Tools

305092 - Coolant Filler Funnel Set

  • Universal set for easy, efficient and mess free refilling during cooling system bleeding work
  • Includes five rubber seal adaptors (31, 35, 40, 42, 45mm) to suit most vehicles
  • Also includes one rubber tapered cone adaptor for variable applications and multi-purpose use
  • Enables vehicle coolant filler point to be raised, assisting with coolant system bleeding and removal of air pockets common in modern passenger vehicle applications
  • 8 piece set


Description - ShortUniversal funnel for refilling cooling system and assisting in bleeding air
Fits directly on to filler neck or expansion tank
Features convenient tap to prevent spilling
Includes five adaptors to suit most vehicle (31, 35, 40, 42, 45mm)
InstructionsStep 1:
Choose an adaptor to fit the expansion tank or radiator opening

Step 2:
Apply the suitable adaptor and fit the screw body on to it and tighten to obtain a seal

Step 3:
Fit the funnel to the tightened screw body

Step 4:
Fill the funnel with coolant (you will notice air is bled out via the by-pass tube)

Step 5:
Once the cooling system is full, the flow from the funnel can be switched off to avoid coolant spillage
Spares305092A │ Spare Adaptor Pack