Tridon - Wiper

Plastic Back Wiper Refills

  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure a crisp clean wipe. The G.E. Noryl plastic back will not warp, twist or crack and is UV resistant, eliminating back distortion. Using moly graphite impregnated quality natural rubber, the plastic back refill provides smooth, low noise wiping performance ensuring extended rubber life and UV protection.
  • Available in 3 backing widths: 6.5mm Narrow Back, 7.5mm Mid Back, 8.5mm Wide Back, each style has marked increments on the backing, allowing for easy of installation to the required length.
  • The plastic back wiper refill must be compatible with the vehicle wiper blade; the Tridon wiper range has been carefully researched and engineered to suit each specific application.
  • Please refer to the Tridon Part Finder for the correct plastic back wiper refill for your application.
Part No.NameLength
TNB24Wiper Refill Plastic - Narrow Back610mm (24")
TNB24-2Wiper Refill Plastic - Narrow Back610mm (24")
TNB24-20Wiper Refill Plastic - Narrow Back 20 Pack610mm (24")
TNB28-20Wiper Refill Plastic - Narrow Back 20 Pack710mm (28")
TMK28Wiper Refill Plastic - Mid Back710mm (28")
TMK28-2Wiper Refill Plastic - Mid Back Pair710mm (28")
TMK28-10Wiper Refill Plastic - Mid Back 10 Pack710mm (28")
TWR22Wiper Refill Plastic - Wide Back 560mm (22")
TWR22-2Wiper Refill Plastic - Wide Back Pair560mm (22")
TWR22-20Wiper Refill Plastic - Wide Back 20 Pack560mm (22")
TCP2428-2Wiper Refill Plastic - Combo Pack610mm (24") & 710mm (28")