Tridon - Hose Clamps

CAI Series - Vinyl Coated 15mm Band

  • The Tridon CAI series clamp range is designed for use holding pipes, hoses, tubing, cables, wires etc
  • Manufactured using aluminium chromate plated mild steel with vinyl coating, the CAI series clamps are ideally suited for use in automotive, plumbing, construction, industrial, marine, electrical, lawn and garden applications
  • Size – CAI0610 to CAI7006 Band Width - 15.0mm Hole Diameter - 6.3mm
Part No.NameQuantity
CAI0610Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI0610CVinyl Coated Clamp - Carded6
CAI0610PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI0810CVinyl Coated Clamp - Carded6
CAI0810PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI0810Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI1006Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI1006PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI1110CVinyl Coated Clamp - Carded6
CAI1110PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI1110Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI1310CVinyl Coated Clamp - Carded6
CAI1310PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI1310Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI1410PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI1410Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI1610CVinyl Coated Clamp - Carded6
CAI1610PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI1610Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI1810PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI1810Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI1910CVinyl Coated Clamp - Carded6
CAI1910PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI1910Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI2110PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI2110Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI2410PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI2510PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI2410Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI2510Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI2710PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack10
CAI2710Vinyl Coated Clamp500
CAI3206PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI3306PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI3806PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI4006PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI4406PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI4606PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI5106PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI5706PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI6706PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack 
CAI7006PVinyl Coated Clamp - Pack