Tridon - Merchandisers

TSM01 - Master Switch & Sensor Merchandiser

  • Comprehensive master merchandiser features top ranking part numbers for each of the Tridon automotive switch types.
  • This compact modular merchandising system ensures products are easy to identify, purchase and restock
  • This unit is easy to hang and measures 450mm (w) x 1045mm (h)


TBS007Brake Light Switch1
TBS009Brake Light Switch1
TBS037Brake Light Switch2
TBS060Brake Light Switch2
TCS011Coolant Sensor2
TCS032Coolant Sensor2
TCS040Coolant Sensor2
TCS070Coolant Sensor2
TCS090Coolant Sensor2
TFS110Fan Switch2
TFS114Fan Switch2
TFS119Fan Switch2
TFS136Fan Switch2
TFS139Fan Switch2
TPS007Oil Pressure Switch (Light)2
TPS008Oil Pressure Switch (Light)2
TPS061Oil Pressure Switch (Light)2
TPS064Oil Pressure Switch (Light)2
TPS073Oil Pressure Sensor (ECU Control)2
TRS007Reverse Light Switch1
TRS016Reverse Light Switch1
TRS020Reverse Light Switch1
TRS026Reverse Light Switch1
TTS001Water Temperature Sender (Gauge)2
TTS004Water Temperature Sender (Gauge)2
TTS006Water Temperature Sender (Gauge)2
TTS007Water Temperature Sender (Gauge)2
TTS062Water Temperature Sender (Gauge)2