Tridon - Merchandisers



  • Tridon Wiper Blades and Refills are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure a crisp clean wipe.
  • Tridon Wiper Merchandisers are a convenient way to store and display the range of popular wiper products. The modular merchandising system provides the total solution for any wiper point of sale requirement.
  • Refills are available in 3 backing widths: 6.5mm Narrow Back, 7.5mm Mid Back, 8.5mm Wide Back, each style has marked increments on the backing, allowing for easy of installation to the required length.
  • Complete blades are available in 15 lengths, from 280mm (11") to 710mm (28"), each blade comes complete with adaptors to suit various arm style designs.
  • The Tridon FlexBlade™ wiper range is available in 31 part numbers across 4 arm styles, including direct fit replacement and hook upgrade from conventional steel blades.
  • Both blades and refills are available in blister packs for retail display; refill box quantities are available for trade users.
Part No.Name
TWM109Complete Blade Master - Modular Single Tier
TWM108Complete Blade Master - Modular Triple Tier
TWM112Complete Blade Starter Pack - Modular Single Tier
TWM110Complete Blade Top Selling - Modular Double Tier
TWM111Complete Blade Top Selling - Modular Single Tier
TWM105CurveBlade Master - Modular Double Tier
TWM106CurveBlade Master - Modular Single Tier
TWM107CurveBlade Top Selling - Modular Single Tier
TWM101Master Merchandiser FlexBlade - Modular Double Tier
TWM102Master Merchandiser FlexBlade - Modular Single Tier
TWM100Master Merchandiser FlexBlade - Modular Triple Tier
TWM113Metal Rail Refill - Modular Single Tier
TWM114Plastic Refill - Modular Single Tier
TWM115Rear Wiper Merchandiser - Modular
TWM117Rear Wiper Merchandiser Master - Modular Single Tier
TWM116Rear Wiper Merchandiser Master - Modular Double Tier
TWM103Top Selling FlexBlade - Modular Double Tier
TWM104Top Selling FlexBlade - Modular Single Tier