Tridon - Automotive Caps

Oil Caps

  • Oil Caps are designed to cover the orifice used to fill or top up the engine oil supply.
  • Oil caps are manufactured using either metal, plastic or rubber design depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Tridon offers an extensive range of oil caps including metal bayonet, plastic screw and rubber push in designs.
  • The oil cap should be replaced if lost or damaged due to age, heat or neglect. An indication that a cap requires replacement would be the appearance of oil on the valve cover around the filler neck, indicating the cap can no longer seal the engine correctly.
  • Please refer to the Tridon Part Finder for the correct oil cap for your application.
Part No.NameStyle
TOC500Oil CapMetal Bayonet
TOC501Oil CapRubber Push In
TOC502Oil CapPlastic Push In Breather
TOC503Oil CapMetal Bayonet
TOC504Oil CapMetal Bayonet
TOC505Oil CapMetal Push In
TOC506Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC507Oil CapMetal Bayonet
TOC508Oil CapPlastic Push In
TOC509Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC510Oil CapPlastic Screw (Coarse Thread)
TOC511Oil CapPlastic Screw (Fine Thread)
TOC512Oil CapPlastic Screw (Fine Thread)
TOC513Oil CapPlastic Screw (Course Thread)
TOC514Oil CapRubber Push In
TOC515Oil CapPlastic Screw (M32 x 3.5 Thread)
TOC516Oil CapMetal Bayonet
TOC517Oil CapPlastic Screw (Coarse Thread)
TOC518Oil CapRubber Push In
TOC519Oil CapMetal Bayonet
TOC520Oil CapPlastic Push And Turn
TOC521Oil CapPlastic Screw (Fine Thread)
TOC522Oil CapPlastic Screw (Fine Thread)
TOC523Oil CapPlastic Screw (Fine Thread)
TOC524Oil CapMetal Bayonet
TOC525Oil CapPlastic Screw (Coarse Thread)
TOC526Oil CapPlastic Screw (Coarse Thread)
TOC527Oil CapPlastic Screw (Fine Thread)
TOC528Oil CapPlastic Screw (Coarse Thread)
TOC529Oil CapPlastic Metal Bayonet
TOC530Oil CapPlastic Push And Turn
TOC531Oil CapPlastic Push And Turn
TOC532Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC533Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC534Oil CapPlastic Screw (Fine Thread)
TOC535Oil CapPlastic Screw (Fine Thread)
TOC536Oil CapPlastic Push And Screw
TOC537Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC538Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC539Oil CapPlastic Push And Turn
TOC540Oil CapMetal Bayonet Breather
TOC541Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC542Oil CapPlastic Push And Turn
TOC543Oil CapPlastic Screw
TOC544Oil CapPlastic Screw
TOC545Oil CapPlastic Screw
TOC546Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC547Oil CapPlastic Push And Turn
TOC548Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC549Oil CapBayonet
TOC550Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC551Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC552Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC553Oil CapPlastic Bayonet
TOC554Oil CapPlastic Screw