Tridon - Automotive Caps

Fuel Caps - Non Locking

  • Fuel Caps are designed to seal the vehicle fuel system to prevent evaporation and contamination.
  • There are two common styles of fuel caps, vented and non-vented.
  • Vented fuel caps allow fuel pressure to be released from the fuel system (commonly used on vehicles pre 1985).
  • Non-vented fuel caps are designed to maintain the integrity of the fuel system, they do not allow fuel pressure to be released from the system, required with the introduction of emission control regulations (vehicles manufactured post 1985).
  • Tridon offers an extensive range of both vented and non-vented fuel caps.
  • The Tridon fuel cap range is available in both locking and non-locking styles.
  • Please refer to the Tridon Part Finder for the correct fuel cap for your application.
Part No.NameStyle
TFNL202VFuel Cap (Non Locking)Chrome Finish Bayonet
TFNL205VFuel Cap (Non Locking)Chrome Finish Bayonet
TFNL206VFuel Cap (Non Locking)Chrome Finish Bayonet
TFNL207Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Metal Bayonet
TFNL209VFuel Cap (Non Locking)Metal Bayonet
TFNL210Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Chrome Finish Bayonet
TFNL211Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Chrome Finish Bayonet
TFNL213Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Metal Bayonet
TFNL214Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Metal Bayonet
TFNL215VFuel Cap (Non Locking)Chrome Finish Bayonet
TFNL216Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Chrome Finish Bayonet
TFNL217Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Metal Bayonet
TFNL219Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Metal Bayonet
TFNL220Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Chrome Finish Bayonet
TFNL226Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL227Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL228Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL229Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL230Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Push And Turn
TFNL231Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL232Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Push And Turn
TFNL233Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL234DFuel Cap Diesel (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL235GFuel Cap LPG (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL236GFuel Cap LPG (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL237Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL238Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Push And Turn
TFNL239Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL240Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw
TFNL241Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Bayonet
TFNL242Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Push And Turn
TFNL243Fuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Push And Turn
TFNL244DFuel Cap (Non Locking)Plastic Screw