Tridon - Cable Ties

Black (UV Stabilised)

  • Manufactured from virgin nylon 6/6 and have a UL94V-2 flammable rating
  • Black cable ties have been UV stabilised to resist breakdown and increase service life
  • All cable ties are packaged in handy retail packs or larger trade quantities
  • Merchandisers are also available to display popular cable ties sizes
Part No.NameSizeQuantity
CT603BKCDCable Tie - Black3mm x 60mm100
CT103BKCDCable Tie - Black3mm x 100mm100
CTB103BKCable Tie - Black3mm x 100mm500
CT154BKCD-25Cable Tie - Black4mm x 150mm25
CT154BKCDCable Tie - Black4mm x 150mm100
CTB154BKCable Tie - Black4mm x 150mm500
CT204BKCDCable Tie - Black4mm x 200mm100
CTB204BKCable Tie - Black4mm x 200mm500
CT254BKCDCable Tie - Black4mm x 250mm100
CT304BKCDCable Tie - Black4mm x 300mm100
CT205BKCD-25Cable Tie - Black5mm x 200mm25
CT205BKCDCable Tie - Black5mm x 200mm100
CTB205BKCable Tie - Black5mm x 200mm500
CT255BKCDCable Tie - Black5mm x 250mm100
CTB255BKCable Tie - Black5mm x 250mm500
CT305BKCD-25Cable Tie - Black5mm x 300mm25
CT305BKCDCable Tie - Black5mm x 300mm100
CTB305BKCable Tie - Black5mm x 300mm500
CT405BKCDCable Tie - Black5mm x 400mm25
CT405BKCD-100Cable Tie - Black5mm x 400mm100
CTB405BKCable Tie - Black5mm x 400mm500
CT455BKCDCable Tie - Black5mm x 450mm25
CT455BKCD-100Cable Tie - Black5mm x 450mm100
CTB455BKCable Tie - Black5mm x 450mm500
CT208BKCDCable Tie - Black8mm x 200mm25
CT258BKCDCable Tie - Black8mm x 250mm25
CT308BKCDCable Tie - Black8mm x 300mm25
CT308BKCD-50Cable Tie - Black8mm x 300mm50
CT358BKCDCable Tie - Black8mm x 350mm25
CT408BKCDCable Tie - Black8mm x 400mm25
CT408BKCD-100Cable Tie - Black8mm x 400mm100
CTB408BKCable Tie - Black8mm x 400mm500
CT559BKCDCable Tie - Black9mm x 550mm25
CTB559BKCable Tie - Black9mm x 550mm500
CT759BKCDCable Tie - Black9mm x 750mm25
CT53512BKCD-50Cable Tie - Black9mm x 535mm50
CT6512BKCDCable Tie - Black12mm x 580mm25
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