Tridon - Cable Ties

Stainless Steel

  • Available in various lengths and widths to suit all types of applications
  • Manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel, they are ideal for environmentally harsh conditions including indoors, outdoors and underground
  • Tridon stainless steel cable ties use a unique ball locking mechanism to enable quick and easy to installation by hand or with cable tie cutter (Part No. CTC2065)
Part No.NameFeaturesLengthSize
CTSS124Cable Ties Stainless Steel 127mm127 x 4.5mm
CTSS154Cable Ties Stainless Steel 152mm152 x 4.5mm
CTSS204Cable Ties Stainless Steel 201mm201 x 4.5mm
CTSS264Cable Ties Stainless Steel 266mm266 x 4.5mm
CTSS304Cable Ties Stainless Steel 300mm300 x 4.5mm
CTSS364Cable Ties Stainless Steel 362mm362 x 4.5mm
CTSS524Cable Ties Stainless Steel 521mm521 x 4.5mm
CTSS128Cable Ties Stainless Steel 127mm127 x 8.0mm
CTSS158Cable Ties Stainless Steel 152mm152 x 8.0mm
CTSS208Cable Ties Stainless Steel 201mm201 x 8.0mm
CTSS268Cable Ties Stainless Steel 266mm266 x 8.0mm
CTSS308Cable Ties Stainless Steel 300mm300 x 8.0mm
CTSS368Cable Ties Stainless Steel 362mm362 x 8.0mm
CTSS528Cable Ties Stainless Steel 521mm521 x 8.0mm
CTC2065Cable Tie Cutter - Metal Cable Ties• Used for tensioning and cutting SS Series stainless steel cable ties
• Includes cut-off lever
• Safely and easily tension and cut stainless steel cable ties